Baby chickens are cool #synfreeeating

as stated in the last post.  Gotta get my food groove back on.. 

And Mrs Fitz is doing this health kicky thingy.. So that means we need to have an extra thunk about what we have.. 

Not much of an extra thunk really .. So that’s cool..

Well let’s start with baby chickens.. Skinless .. 

Two them we will need .. 


A marinade of garlic and ginger paste, national spices white and malt vinegar and o% fat Greek yoghurt.. 


So no oil at all.. #synfree 

That’s rubbed into the slashed chicken..

 Left to adopt its new flavour .. 

For. Few hours.. 

Then fried in no oil.. 


That’s the good thing about the iron pan.. It has an amazing non stick capability.. After all those years of cooking in! A splash of water.. And a lid to help steam it through and keep it tender..

A chopped salad with lettuce, mooli, carrot, lettuce and tomatoes annointed with hot sauce #synfreedressing.. And baked sweet potato fries.. 


Ok this may not look that glamorous..looks are deceiving ..  I gotta tell you though after a wasteland of food it was even more lipsmackingly tasty!  

Welcome back home to the world of taste! Yeeehaaaa!


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4 replies

  1. looks tasty to me, and healthy!

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  2. yeeeee HA indeed – weclome back Mr Fitz – chicken now eh? Reminds me that a recent visitor to Casa Polianthus brought 200 pounds worth of pata negra serrano – and as the guy is a serious food lover he bought it at some out of the way place that only sells this one product – and I have to tell you – it was beyond a revelation. But do enjoy your chicken, it looks amazing!

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