Almost vegetarian double stuffed urfa pepper potatoes An green salad for Mr Fitz and double stuffed sweet potatoes with a sirloin for Mrs Fitz

Thats a long title huh?

Let’s also get one thing clear .. A green salad must only contain green items! Humph.. ( I would have liked some fresh herbs in although we are out till I can get new supplies tomorrow..).. 

Ok.. Soapbox stepped off and put away.. Cmon autumnal food!

First the double stuffed sweet and ‘regular’ potatoes ..baked cut and scooped.. Mixed with oil butter salt and urfa pepper


They go back into the hot top oven to crisp up .. 

So onto Mrs Fitz’s sirloin.. Cut from a fantastic English cow.. Rubbed with mustard oil and dusted with coarse Maldon salt and more Turkish urfa pepper.. 


That’s cooked on the very hot iron pan.. 

Then rested .. Sour cream mixed with garden chives and Bristol blend pepper.. Drops of a thick balsamic glaze for Mrs Fitz also.. As well as some not yet launched sample of Mrs middletons garlic mayo .  (Thanks Whizz!).. 

 And for the almost vegetarian Mr Fitz supper.. (almost).. ?? 

That green salad mixed with some thick olive oil dressing., 

The same sour cream as Mrs Fitz.. Yet pimped with excellent smoked bacon pieces.. 

That’s a Valium inducing soporific supper right there!! 


Zzzzzzxzzzz 😴 

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