Duck Confit Yippe! Or Yikes!

Decided that it was about time to try and make one of my favourite dishes.. Duck Confit.. Who really can resist the crispy, sticky, crunchy, chewy, melty beautifulness that is this wonderful duck dish..

Let’s just hope mine pans out!

Righty hoo.. Have some good gressingham duck legs from my favourite store.. They were doing a good deal, not as good as when you read those USA blogs where they somehow manage to get duck legs cheaper than a half pint of english beer! (Gotta wonder about the welfare of them ducks!)

Still.. Mine should be deee liiii shushhh ..

I looked up a heap of recipes.. Loads of good ones in the search.. Have decided to naturally take the ‘essence’ of them and just bully ahead.. After all its about salting in a good cure right? Well let’s hope so!

Have put them in fine spanish sea salt, decided against wiping out a box of Maldon ala Delia.. Too much moola to lose if it don’t work!

Smashed up some Roscoff garlic.. They do it so well.. Its smells gorgeous just on its own! Some Bristol blend pepper corns (whole) some herb de provence, and that’s it!

Massaged it over the lot.. Added more salt and set to do its thang in the snow..


Just moved it outta the snow and into the shed for overnite.. Let’s hope the bugs don’t get it..

Going for a 24hr plus ‘cure’.. Will mail the next process in the morning x

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