Those aubergines..

Remember those lovely italian aubergines?

Yeah .. I just did when opening the fridge..

Mrs Fitz didn’t want my lovely hickory smoked ribs.. And yes.. That smoke gets EVERYWHERE! Bit like sand I suppose .. Although haven’t checked my underwear or toes yet!

I am still determined to eat up those ribs tonite.. And its gonna happen x

So.. What do I make ? Moussaka ..(Again no spell check on that) ..

Chop beautiful aubergines.. Pan fry with small olive oil after being reminded that they snaffle it like an A-lister with a bag of nose candy.. So little and often is better.. (For the aubergines of course x)

Onion and lamb mince in pan.. Adding flavour bomb tomatoe puree.. Mad iranian herbs.. Oregano basil and pepper..

Browned off (yet not upset hahahha )

Build the construction.. Mrs Fitz wanted potato in also .. As a good irish country gurl would, lucky I have a stash of New season Cyprus potatoes..

Whoop up a white sauce.. By (ahem) opening a jar of ‘when is your nite?

In oven at 180 .. Gotta admit.. Looks good kitchen smelling good.. With the now not so subtle overtone of hickory smoke… X

Watching masterchef on tv.. X

(Those ribs are gonna get it… Gonna tear into them like an 80’s style soccer fight… Trust me x)

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  1. Do you leave the aubergines in lemon and salt overnight?


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