Pre – 40th birthday supper

What do you make when you have the nite before your 40th birthday..

Hmmm .. Look at all your cooking books? YUP! With no real ideas springing out

Ok.. So let’s think.. Easy! You fly tomorrow to celebrate your ‘big’ day tomorrow .. (Long story don’t ask..)

Let’s make toad in the hole!

The classic British fusion food!

Take some real nice chipolatas from your favorite store.. From the ‘butchers’ un vac pac counter of course!

Heat them up with some lovely Roscoff shallots, until kinda goldney .. All right until the kitchen smokes and you recall you left them in!

Take out all stuff outta pan.. Find the pan where you fried your pal Jacks scottish sausage (that’s another story)..

Heat up fat till your wonderful wife complains about the smoke..

Add the fat and sausages into the pan..

OH yes! Also try Delias recipe for the batter.. Not the coolest to be fair.. Sorry delia .. Yet the one is fun series is brilliant!

Bake until you get that lovely puffy bit and no soggy middle..

Was really rather nice after making the gravy.. Mustard powder, herbs, MP stock.. Frozen veg..

Nice tea … Happy 40th eve to me.. X

Much better than it may look..

For dessert?

A mouthful of Joes mint candy.. Gotta love those.. X

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