Arabian BBQ! In the Banyan Tree UAE

Hey, ok so it didn’t go quite as planned..

Food delivered.. BBQ lit.. Explanation of food.. Ahhh.. Small problem… Food not quite arabian!!


Mozzarella and tomatoes salad
Chicken Caesar salad
Tuna fish..

All very beautiful and am sure very delicious.. Just not that ‘arabian’! It is after all our last night in the UAE for now..

Also to cook.. Spuds, veggies, chicken skewers, lamb skewers, beef skewers, mixed seafood skewers.. Veg skewers.. Now don’t get me wrong here, all very very nice indeedy.. Yet not the 1001 nites vibe..

So.. Humph!! Hmmmm! OK!

Call them back up, explain am not happy with no arabian food… They say they gonna call me back.. They do.. I still say I aint gonna pay for food that I don’t want!! (Specially at these prices! Sheesh you could feed a family for at least Two weeks! ) (Maybe longer if you were crafty..) Gonna add some of those ‘thrift’ recipes soonx

Right.. I tell them come get the food.. Not in a nasty way , just in a firm this aint right way.. As one should in these circumstances!

Ok cool now what we gonna eat? Its getting late.. We are hungry puppies!

So.. Call for a buggy to come get us.. Off to the arabian/international restaurant.. Cool?

Well.. Not much going on in the way of arabian food Monsieur! Explain to absolutely lovely chap that we need arabian.. He understands.. (I think..) Hmmmm x

WELL! YAY! A smor-gaz-board of wonderful arabian food arrives.. Very happy bunnies indeed daddyo!

See for yourself.. We loved it.. Then retired to smoke a little shisha in the Moonbar.. Perfect end to a wonderful desert experience..

Have ordered a fruit platter for the return flight home.. X

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