Toad in the Hole

Gotta love toad in the hole.. Its got it all… Meaty, fluffy, crunchy, squidgy, just makes you smile..

Yet how to make a good one? Loads of recipes out there, and some bizarre twists.. resting the batter for hours.. Spinning the tray on your head, ok.. Maybe imagined the last one.. You get the picture though right? X

So.. What’s my recipe? Ummm

4oZ flour sifted, 2 eggs, 200 ML milk, 50 ml water, pinch of salt, all whisked up..

Same time browning sausages.. Heat up good depth pan in oven at 250 degrees.. Small bit of fat added, smoking hot!

Add sausies, pour in batter WALA!

Wait and watch the magic happen.. Serve with peas and onion grazy.. A bit thicker than normal.. YUMMY! x

(Wow this kinda reads like a ‘real recipe’!) Delicious classic fayre..


(Oh and new Mackays cookies ice-cream for late nite supper treat )

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