Arabian adventures Indian cuisine in Dubai

another fantastic meal in Dubai this evening

Indian.. The restaurant was a little dark though and we were offered a reading light to attach to the menu! Didn’t go for it though as was easier to go for the recommendation made by a very helpful albeit slightly nervous waiter.. We were also offered to try some indian chenin blanc wine.. Quite nice.. No poppadoms for starters.. Shame really.. You ALWAYS should have poppadoms (interesting, spell checker doesn’t have a check for ‘poppadoms’.. Hmmm)

So.. To begin:

Starters.. A kinda baked crispbread that was really rather delicious with a quite tart mango chutney.. Still sweet yet not overpowering

Then lovely seabream kinda pakoras (no spell check again.. Is there a conspiracy?) )and I don’t usually eat fishies), with a yoghurty dippy thing.. Nice!

And sprouted mung bean salad, very healthy indeed, mama would be proud..

Then on to the main event.. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!!!

Melt in the mouth lamb rogan josh, super tender butter chicken, black dahl (that worked on the spell check!), veg biryani (that didn’t).. Plain rice and thin and crispy garlic naan bread.. You could see in the dim light the red hot of the tandoori cooker in the cooks face! Oh Ohmm and a lamb shish that was served on the cutest looking mini BBQ ever! Gotta get one..was too hot to ‘misplace.. Ahem’

Delicious all of it and extremely tasty.. Couldn’t finish it all..

Weird desert though.. A wee bit frog spawny .. Tapioca in cold milky although not snotty sauce with a ball of minted ice in the middle.. Hmm not sold on that one.. Like at all..

Nice tea though.. Full without being uncomfortable.. X

(Oh yeah, and a fellow diner had a rather nice car parked outside.. With suicide doors.. Very smart .. Maybe I get one.. Wonder if they do them in cerise with a lavender roof?)

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