Uncle Wallys Red sauce

Uncle Wally.. What can you say.. Wonderful chap, bon viveur .. countryman, gourmand extrodinaire .. Well seasoned , marinated and blinkin well traveled… Plus married to another very good friend who is the frenchest mediterranean (amazing jewish salad maker) .. EVER!

So.. Uncle Wallys Red Sauce.. Its straight outta an eye-tally-anne movie..(And so is he!) Garlic sliced so thin that it melts in the pan and thicker slices in the mouth.. Wonderful.. Good looking? Mebbe not.. Freakin dee-lish-usss.. For sure!

How to make it? No gooey eyed deer.. He doesn’t do tech so well .. So real hard to get the mail out! .. Will sit him down next time we take afternoon tea and try juice it outta him.. X

Anyways all I got is a frozen tub of it.. And trust me that was hard enough to get!

Pictured here.. Wish the screen had scratch an sniff.. Served with great bread from a store I don’t normally use.. Deffo getting it again x

Mr Wentworth? Good bath and sleeping well after a belly feed of Lilly organic puppy food.. And a hot bath.. Just thought I’d add that in!

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