Roast chicken & Paprika Cyprus Potato.. Crinkle Chips!

Thursday prior to a long UK weekend.. Mrs Fitz happy she is home for the weekend .. Mr Wentworth not peeing quite everywhere.. We will get there! He is only 8 weeks tomorrow after all..

For supper? A lovely roast chicken .. (Ok not a Franklins..).. Stuffed with sausage.. Draped with streaky bacons.. Did I stuff it? Not this time.. Gota ‘red tag’ number from Waitrose.. Feeds 6-7 they say on the wrapper.. Hmm let’s see huh!

Raosting at 180 in the italian fan.. Good of them not to say what temperature to cook it on.. Thanks JLP.. Wanna avoid that blame where a claim huh! X

2 and a bit hours methinx..

So.. In the oven roastable bag.. Into said oven..

Potatoes? Well in support of our Cyprus brothers & sisters.. This is the champion of spuds!! X chopped with a crinkle cut chipper tool.. (Thanks Mama, all the way from Penzance Cornwall..) MUST do a pasty recipe this weekend.. Mebbe.. X

Tossed in olive oil.. Sweet Smokey Spanish paprika.. A little herb de provence .. Swish swish swoosh in a pan.. Spread onto a silicon baking sheet.. They are cool. See sausage rolls! Non-stick is real true .. They are cool, a must have accessory, not like a bread maker, though am sure some people get it ‘perfect’! X

Going into oven for 45 mins at least .. Will post the finale!!

Enjoy x

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  1. Awh you finally got the crinkle chip cutter!! You’ve been looking for that forever and ever!! Yay! 🙂


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