I think Chuck going well and feck those crinkly spuds are looking sweet..

Father just mailed though..

“Chicken roast is 30 mins plus 20 mins for every 500 grams at 200 🙂 xx”

Thanks Amsterdam.. X

Just gonna turn it up a little.. Ahem.. Is cool though as when stuffed it cooks a little quicker.. (When stuffed with high fat content meat).. Argue amongst ya selves.. Or in the great academia way.. DISCUSS! Hahahaha x

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  1. fully cover chicken with welsh salted butter, more salt and a some pepper all over. put into the hottest oven for 15-20 min. then turn oven down to about gas mark 4 and cook.. about 2-3 hours until juices run clear. the easiest chook ever….. enjoy. we will see you soon mr fitz


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