Scotch eggs Love or hate ’em!

Was goin through some memories in bed today.. Remembered scotch eggs! Love them or hate ’em, they are a reminder of those hazy days of ginger beer and bicycle rides in the countryside.. Ummm just not for me! My memories of them are scarce to be fair.. However I made some delicious ones.. One type with the addition of Chorizo.. Why don’t they make them with Chorizo? I kinda liked them.. They are the smaller one in the pic.. Very nice.. Best eaten warm..

To make them?

Easy peasey lemon squeezey (no lemons in this recipe though!)

Good eggs…. Boiled to your liking..

Those breadcrumbs that are all orangey.. Don’t even think of ..’Oh how about a lovely rustic spelt number’ NO! Needs to be those crunchy orangey ones!

More eggs for dipping eggs into!

Good sausages, although this would make even the nastiest ones better.. Slide sausages outta skins.. For m into balls.. Flatten with your hand.. Add dipped boiled egg into middle of sausage meat and gently tease it all around till it meets.. Then jiggle em till round.. Dip again in egg..

Into those lovely orangey breadcrumbs.. Twice..

Shallow fry.. Get paranoid like me and put them in the oven till cooked..

Enjoy!.. Hmmm maybe for supper tonite..x

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