Own brand Lebanese-easey?


For tea tonite we decided to try recreate some of that lovely cuisine we had in the UAE.. As you always do when you had a great time abroad.. Right.. ?

Hmmm no sun nor sand.. In fact cold and snow! .. Still after a good sweep of the supermarket I did manage to find a bunch of real-mcoy Lebanese ingredients.. After a heap of fiddling about and some bad mistakes.. (Smokey kitchen!)..

I got to this .. (See pic)

I tell ya.. The addition of pomegranate (not sure if that is correct, bizarre the spell checker on crackberry!) Syrup into the salad dressing with lemon juice and green olive oil was devine.. Seriously.. Perhaps the addition of the lamb koftas torn into it made it ‘sing’..

Probably x

All served with hummus (that’s was in spell check, conspiracy?y) yoghurt with cucumber and sumac.. And a bad version of bab ganoush..

Torn pitta into salad works.. I do think next time they may need an additional shallow fry in some kinda good fat..

Anyways ..

Lovely supper x

Nite nite

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