Dubai Mall food

Went for a wander last nite, well I say wander.. You can’t really wander till you get to the Mall!! Yet they have a WAITROSE!! Yup indeed.. Now that is a temple to food!

After a good walk around looking at various products.. Why do we do that thing where you exclaim.. Wow! They have that here too!! (Feck of course they do its the same store!!)

Anyhoo.. They also have a great food court in the Mall.. Every-ting from lebanese, indian, Moroccan, greek (gotta love gyros when the mood suits!) Falafal (not as good as moataz.. That’s for another time).. As well as all the chains… And a wonderfully bad treat.. Hot dog on a stick! Yeah ok a corn dog.. Yet a hot dog on a stick!! Deep fried crunchy salty sweety gloopy badness.. Oh, I did have a ‘natural’ lemonade as a kinda ying yang thing..

Went back to the imperial suite (sounds like something outta star wars.. Cool! X)

Bottle of chablis.. The biggest bath ever.. Bed..

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