News years eve Brekkie

First of all apologies if you have already entered 2015.. Of 20015 (? that’s for my attorney! Never been the greatest with numbers ..).. That Dubai firework show was awesome though right?

Yet this was a seriously good breakfast that I truly wish I had found ages ago!

Some potato skinz …


With burford brown eggs cracked in.. (After rinsing with Lebanese herb pimped mrs Middletons oil..) x

Baked with Oscar Myers bacon .. ( funny how apples spell checker gets that straight away huh ?)..


Seventeen minutes at a hot temp..


Stunning !!!

With smuggled back mexican city valantina sauce..


My friends ..

The plate says it all …


Happy new year to y’all



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5 replies

  1. Happy New Year, Mr Fitz! That’s the kind of breakfast I need now …

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  2. Looks naighty! Happy New Year to you and yours Mr Fritz x

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  3. Gorgeous Breakfast, a very Happy New Year to you, Mrs Fitz and those two adorable hounds.

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