Laab or is it namtok? (spicy noodles with veal)

New Year’s Eve suppers need to be quite nice indeed I think.. And it’s always good to try out something different .. So this I believe is a Thai dish? Perhaps not fully authentic yet hey! It’s darn tasty!!

Minced Red ticket veal forms the meat part, rose veal is a by-product if the dairy trade and should be encouraged


This seasoning mix is from our nearby chinese superstore .. It has an amazing array of things.. I just wish I knew what most of them were for! They are very helpful though and bit by bit I think I am unraveling the mystery..


The seasoning added to the cooked veal mince..


A good shake of fish sauce..


And into a plastic tub to let the flavours mingle.. Now this should be served with sticky rice according to the packet.. Yet I am sure that noodles and beansprouts will work well too! Hmmm..

Meanwhile chop up the last of jacks onions.. Good onions them..


Into uncles bens trusty wok..


Then the beansprouts , veal mix and wok oil.. Must get more of that..




Wok turned up high and all jiggled about..


Delicious lip smackingly tasty!!

And bubbles and cream cakes with added clotted cream for pudding.. It is New Year’s Eve after all!


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  1. Would like to come over for dinner, everything you put on the table is relish!! What are bubbles and cream cakes, sounds really good.

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