Chilli sauce with that?

‎I like a gyros.. or doner kebab.. as per Sundays post.. people slate ’em.. that late nite drunk soaker upper.. usually bought by a mistake..! And feeling bad in the morning!.. and the smell!

Wowee woo woo!

So.. what to do?

Make ya own!!

Got the seasoning mix from my pals in scotland.. got a mutton piece chopped up by my arabian friends in the special butchers..

A conversation with my attorney to establish cooking techniques.. long discussion.. he just recently had a wonderful late nite gyros in belgium at the grand prix..

Gone for processing it in the processor.. with the secret additions.. ..

Smushed up with hands also.. and smeared into a loaf tin.. oven at 180 for 25 mins.. then outta the tin and just on a tray for another 30 mins..

Then wrapped in foil.. wrapped in a towel and left to rest..

Sliced thin.. oh my gods alive!!!

It really is gyros/doner kebab.. !! Like a very special one indeed.. problem solved.. gonna slice it thin.. freeze it in portions and it will be ready for nuking from cold.. just right with a toasted pitta for those kebab moments..


Happy with this.. oh.. and while waiting made some more merguez.. harissa paste, fennel, cumin and coriander seed, paprika and salt.. squashed together and placed into sheep casings.. letting them do their thing overnite.. gonna use them to bring some charcuterie outta a chap..

And for lunch.. Mrs Fitz was late for lunch.. did home style fries with a breaded chuck.. and whooped up a slaw with buttermilk ranch dressing.. x lovely

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