McMrFitz breakfast bun

Loosely based on that clowns breakfast offering.. Loosely indeed..

Taking the fine Italian sausages.. Turning them into breakfast patties by simply taking them outta the lamb casings.. After all that trouble of getting the darn things stuffed in the first place!!


Fried in some pimped mrs Middletons Italian oil..

An egg each.. Check out those yolks huh? White pepper on the egg as me good pal THOMAS always serves ..

Onto a lightly toasted brioche.. Emmental for Mrs Fitz..

Ketchup on both of course!!

And there we have it!

The McMrFitz breakfast sausage and egg ‘muffin’..

(Far better if course! Ahem …)






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4 replies

  1. Funny thats exactly what kath and I did.



  2. Oh mr. fits those buff eggs are soooo orange and fresh and beautiful!!!!!!! What a fabulous fabulous breakfast!!! We were thinking the same (stay tuned for my post in a few hours!). I would love to get my hands on some eggs such as yours!


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