Sausages! (Not whhalls)

Remember those pudgy sausages I made the other day? With the addition of corsican fig syrup? .. Well had a pal over for supper yesterday.. And he said.. Without reservation that they were the best sausages he reckons that they were the best he has ever had.. May have been the cold sherry assisting in that! Yet heck! I will take that!

Mrs Fitz put them in the oven for me.. Made a potatoes salad with garlic, onion, radish and ranch.. Fried a couple of slices of porchetta for good measure.. Eaten with a flourish and smiles.. Oh and with a dollop of Stokes BBQ sauce.. Was just speaking with Father.. He is now on the Stokes case.. Yet needs to source them on-line..

Mrs Fitz made us some delightful icecreams and yogurt for dessert.. I knew I loved her for a reason! (And of course that it just one of them.. Ahem x), took Mr Wentworth on a mission-in-the-dark.. To rustle some strawberries.. We freed them from their oppression.. He had Three.. I only got one.. X.. Think we got away with it.. Maybe will buy some nite vision goggles..

For lunch today? Its hot.. So made Mrs Fitz a crab pasta with the most delicate pasta.. Some frozen italian mix.. Peas.. And dried chili brought back from Rimini, she loved it!

Its hot.. Real hot..

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