Breakfast sausage

Decided to make some breakfast sausage.. Belly pork outta the freezer.. Trimmed.. Mrs Fitz whizzed it up for me..

Added sage & onion stuffing mix as the rusk-meets-flavor town ingredient.. Some paprika, smoky and sweet, some dulce figue and a little water.. Misjudged the length of skin required.. Yet they are looking ok.. Into the magic oven to settle into their new skins.. Will give them a go later today..

And for breakfast? Mr Wentworth has his venison Lillys of course! Mrs Fitz some shitake mushrooms lightly fried in olive oil.. With italin frozen herb mix.. That is a great mix to keep in the freezer.. A multitude of uses.. It has parsley basil red onion thyme & oregano.. All in a handy ‘fresh’ mix..

On two pieces of good bread..

Happy Friday x

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  1. Mate, those make me want breakfast for din dins!


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