Homemade chorizo sarnie

‎When I dropped Mrs Fitz off at work this morning, I went to the bakers.. now help me with this one please… x

16 rolls for 2gbp.. yet each roll is 27pence each.. I only wanted 6 rolls so that would cost me 162.. yet I can have a further 10 rolls for 28pence? Wow!

Well I took the 16.. the server was cool and understood my plight! So mixed up the rolls for me.. hope she don’t get into trouble for that!

And to put in said roll?.. well pulled pork later tonite for tea with homemade slaw

And for now? The last of the ‘chorizo’ sausages.. they are indeedy a good banger..

Very simple.. just in a bun with fresh butter.. cool.. sometimes simplicity really is the thang x


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