Pulled pork.. at last!!

‎Wowsers what an evening.. front door lock suddenly broke.. something snapped inside.. and Mrs Fitz snapped also.. Hiscox.. our wonderful insurers said they would send someone within the hour… it actually took 5 yup 5 hours to complete..

Post midnite.. not happy at all..

Chap was a nice guy.. Adrian.. would recommend him for sure..

So the pork you ask? Well.. it was a great looking piece.. so into a dutch oven at 150 for 3 hrs.. gotta be cooked right? Well added some ham stock to be sure.. and I tell you.. that applewood smoking for 5 hrs did it some good.. although firmed it up.. normally this hand of pork would shred into stringy melty pieces.. not this time!

Ripped the sucker up.. added budweiser BBQ sauce and the remains of another..

Piled some into rolls (remember those from yesterday!).. added some jarlsberg cheese.. and gave the front-door-fixer possibly the best ever tip>takeout he’s ever gonna have had!

For veg? Mrs Fitz whizzed up some home-made slaw.. cabbage, red and white, onion and carrot.. all mushed together with Ranch dressing.. really good indeedo

And Mr Wentworth the bone.. happy times for an unhappy situation..


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