Corned beef hash -easy , so easy

Hash is great.. All kinds of hash..

Corned beef hash is best though .. ( although in my younger days morrocan was rather favourable.. Ahem..)..

How the corned beef being devoured here is not the corned beef you may be thinking of.. This is that product we get sent from South America in cans..

Yet this is the ‘posh’ stuff .. It’s sliced into rounds at the deli counter..

I though bought the end piece on a red ticket ..

You cannot get easier than this..

Chopped red onion ..

Chopped IMG_9475.JPG

A drained and chopped can of jersey potatoes .. What is it about canned spuds that are often the best thing ever!!

All into the iron pan..


A dash of Worcestershire and of course tommy k to serve..


It don’t look big not clever.. No tweezers nor fancy pants molecular gadgetry ..


Just honest to goodness food.. Delicious..

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6 replies

  1. I used to make hash with my grandmother. She used whatever was left from a previous meal. I loved it!

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  2. My mother in law used to layer the tinned stuff with sliced onion and potatoes, top it with a little stock and bake it – it was delicious! Proper comfort, rib-sticking food!

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