Short rib cottage pie

Cottage pie

Not shepherds pie

The difference?

The animal inside..

I have to admit to it bugging me slightly when they get mixed up..

Cottage pie has to be beef, and to include veggies and herbs found around the cottage.

Shepherds is a more simple yet delicious affair.. Lamb, hogget or mutton. With the simple veggies and herbs found in the fields and hills..

Fair enough I have no real idea as to where the mashed potato bit comes into it..

All of them are best when made from leftovers though.. The roast chopped up or hoiked out of the stewpot

Ok off the soap box..

This is using up the bits of short ribs plus the leftover sauce..

With some extra minced beef fried up ..


Adding the leftover sauce..


A little water and veal jus added..

Into the dish.. (A second one made for a pal..)..

Topped with lovely buttery mash


Into the oven.. Till crispy topped..


And ahh — whaa–Lahhh–

A food hug on a fork..


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21 replies

  1. I love these dishes. I think the flavors do so well when they are reheated all together. I am now hungry looking at your yummy dish!

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  2. What a gorgeous way to use up left overs! And with that lovely mash on top!! Yum 🙂

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  3. It looks so good, I’d love to a have a piece (a huge one) for my dinner tonight! Thanks for being at FF!

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  4. Hrmmm I want that and dahlias is pretty darn good too!

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  5. I will take a piece of both pies as I love lamb and beef. How about a “Gardener’s Pie” for vegetarians? Thanks for sharing @ FF and setting us straight on the difference between the two pies – Love the bassets. Another blogger just adopted an abused basset who they brought back to good health 🙂

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  6. Mr Fitz your photo of hounds got me here from Fiesta Friday to see this yummy dinner!
    “A food hug on a fork” I love that.

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  7. I liked your mini soap box speech as it was more informative than annoying. 🙂 This looks absolutely delectable. Happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Funny you should say that – I also get annoyed when they get mixed up 🙂 My fav is fisherman’s pie though!

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  1. Fiesta Friday #46 | The Novice Gardener

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