Spaghetti bolognesey and chilli garlic toasts

Good meaty red sauce and pasta.. Cool.. Always cool .. Reminds you of great movies.. I reckon it should always be eaten when in a vest .. I am all out of vests.. (Note to self.. Get vests ..)..

This was a freezer find.. A great freezer find.. From making all that meat sauce ages ago..

Defrosted in the pan..

Boiled up very nice linguine..


The sauce added to the pasta in another pan.. Works that does..

While the pasta boiled simple garlic toasts.. Sourdough in the toaster..


French purple garlic cut and rubbed on the toast.. And then buttered with French unsalted.. And a squizzle of mrs Middletons chilli oil.. (Gotta say Whizz I think mine is a leetle bit better.. )..


These toasts go so good!

All put together . A scraping of Parmesan for Mrs Fitz. I just keep that in the freezer and on the micro plane it goes fine enough to defrost atop the pasta ..


Lovely simple suppers..

Cool ..

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8 replies

  1. NO vests!!! Otherwise Dr Doolittle will think it’s acceptable to sit around eatting great food in his vest and pants!!!

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  2. I love my microplane zester. I mostly use it for good parmesan too. Though I don’t keep it in the freezer, it doesn’t seem to go off in the fridge.

    I usually make my toast in the oven though. that way I can pile on the butter, garlic, cheese and a sprinkling of dried herbs. Mmmm…getting hungry just thinking about it.


  3. When you say vest, do you mean because of the mess or because it will make me look like Marlon Brando? Or both??

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  4. Super cool! And I think I could eat that toast any day at any time with anything!

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