Beef short ribs with inca bella roasties

Short ribs.. Yeah.. I am gonna write that again.. Short ribs… Mmmmm

With the weather definitely developing into the winter we have been waiting for its time to pull out dishes like this..

Two short ribs.. Browned on one side as my pal Rory Kelly advises..


Into the pot with carrots, chestnut mushrooms and a carton of French red wine, mushroom and bacon sauce that was on a red ticket.. Thought I would give it a go!


Along with 14 (I counted them)., small onions.. A bugger to peel so soaking in hot water for a while helps the process..


Once all in the pot.. The addition of pomegranate sauce and a good squidge of bovril..


Into the oven at 150 real money for three hours.. The kitchen gets full of those wonderful comforty homely aromas.. The hounds were sniffing the air trying to locate where this deliciousness was coming from..


That’s how it looks .. Not the best looker like that yet it’s rather divine!!

The hounds got the bones to play with while the inca bella spuds that were par boiled ..


(That’s dog chicken right there.. Roasted in lemon , garlic and rosemary..)


Those inca bella potatoes are indeed delicious.. Yet I do think I am missing the hardness of the crunch of the mighty king Edward..


Still they are indeed delicious!

All plated up its a supper hug.. A warmy comforty meal..


That white space on the plate?

That was for the fine French green beans that I thought we had in the freezer.. We didn’t..

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13 replies

  1. I can only repeat you: mmmmmm.


  2. OMG, I am now starving for short ribs. Your plate definitely looks all warm and comfy!

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  3. I LOVE short ribs, it looks so good with those roasties. A supper hug indeed.

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  4. Now that looks good! Nice addition of the pomegranate sauce and bovril. Did u just come up with idea? Spuds look awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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