What’s under those then? & Fidee cent y’all

After what felt like a long day indeed.. Including taking back the most ridiculous clown car-esque hire car ever.. We kept expecting that clowns would pour outta it every time we parked up!!

We had these..


With this great wine!


So what was under them?

The ‘award winning’ burger..


It used to be the club sandwich you always graded room service in a hotel on.. I reckon these days it’s the room service burger.. Hoteliers take note!!

Oh and some overpriced chef o’ping ( must be an irish cousin.. Ahem..)., chicken wings. ,-( )


It was ok.. Passed the ‘test’.. Only thing missing ? No fluffy robes. .. Ahh well ..

We watched rocky whilst eating.. And that’s always cool!!


What would this get you?


Well it got us these on the yellow M&S ticket.. I stored them in the mini bar..


The mix of normally real expensive yoghurt meets fresh cream and jam scones?


Awesome !!

Here it is again !!


Happy really close to Christmas..


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