Iyers VEGETARIAN/VEGAN cafe – cork – eire – review (kinda!)..

I have been watching this place on twitter for a while now .. (Mine is @mrfitzcooks by the way.. Ahem..)..

It always has me looking at it with a smile and mild hunger at the way they are seemingly twisting up and refining vegetarian/vegan cuisine . Check them out on Facebook too.. I think you will agree ..

This is what they say about themselves..

Pure vegetarian, authentic South Indian cafe.Mckenna Guides #100 best 2014. Masala dosa specialists. Family run. Handmade food.

And also take a look at this little movie..


The chap behind those hands?

A great cook indeed.. With a really nice ‘vibe’ about him.. ( my hippy roots coming out there!)..

This is him..


Chilled looking chef right? Bet he can do that yogic flying thing too.. Betcha he can..

Yet let’s talk food..

First off I think Father Fitz would love this place.. Right up his street..

The menu has staples as well as specials and stuff.. ( wait for the cake.. Pure genius deliciousness..).. And a different new thing to try each day.. Clever as I would want to try it if I was close enough.. Every day.. For sure..

Let’s get one thing sorted first though.. This place is hole-in-the-wall kinda small.. They don’t take reservations.. (Although they did for me.. And we were late after they held the table got almost an hour!! Again 1001 apologies.. ). Yet don’t they know who i THINK I am?? Ummm they do now..

Mrs Fitz picked the samosa chaat .. We dig samosa chaat ..


This was unlike any samosa chaat we have had.. Puffed rice for starters .. Pomegranate ? Yup jewels in the bowl..


It was different indeed from the punjabi version yet so lovely indeed.. Mrs Fitz loved it and the one taste I got out of her bowl made me agree..

I was too engrossed in my dosa.. Normally I like the long version.. The big ceremonial roll brought to the table by at least a couple of people.. And I know that a good dosa sends my Father into a spin.

This was a festive version.. Brussel sprouts masala dosa.. And I gotta tell ya.. That cook nailed it!!


It was crispy yet not shatteringly crispy .. You know the kind.. The one were you end up with bits rather than bites!!

This with the normal accompanying bits yet done to a turn.. The coconut great the sambal not too hot..


I think the plate here shows it all..


You get me? (Down with the kids me..).,

People left their table so we took a seat .. We had been perching by the coat rack..

Need to try more..

Gone for their thali.. And if we hadn’t already experienced the chole in the samosa chaat.. And the sambal with the dosa then it would have been better.. It’s a pretty neat idea.. To keep the ingredients simple and assemble them in the different dishes.. Same as the batter for the dosas.. I think it’s the same that is used for the vardas , probably spelt wrong yet it is those savoury donuts.. And also for this seriously light and super yummy doodle doo thing we also had..

Here’s the thali first..


Oh. Check out this chilli..


Can you see it?

It was amazing!! We have never eaten anything like it in the world!!

It’s a chilli marinated in yoghurt and salt .. For like over seven days.. Then sundried then deep fried!! They are freaking amazing.. I have to let my hands on some.. They are crisp then salty and chillilly .. Perfect with the rice.. I reckon even better as a beer snack….

That thali got ate well.. Despite slight repeating of flavours.. We got asked if we wanted to keep the sambal .. I said yes.. Yet we got given more? A bit weird in an otherwise faultless service.. With great smiles too!

This pancake thingy is made with seven types if beans that are sprouted and I don’t know what happens after that yet it rocks!!


I cannot believe how much we are enjoying this food .. (NO Father I am not ‘converting’.. Thankyou very much..)..


Bit of a problem.. Umm .. Hmmm.. Ahhh… Ummm

They only take cashola .. And we ain’t carrying enough moolah..

Mrs Fitz hates situations like this.. It’s makes her very nervous indeed.. Bless her.. Doesn’t make me nervous at all!!

So off she trots to go hit an ATM.. And of course in true irish style it starts raining..

I decide that out of sympathy I should wait patiently for her.. And eat cake..


And a cup of masala tea.. again frothed up! Quite nice yet I like that old school way of boiling it up in a pan.. Too much sugar,cardamom,full cream milk and black tea.. I don’t often have it so although delicious it disappointed the memories in me.


Overall? ( how else do you stop writing these things huh?)..

It was very good indeed.. Excellent in fact.. We will go back and I really recommend that you do too..


(Oh and on the way back through the stores I could only see oranges.. I wanted the best spuds..)


Yet what a great cow in front of us on the way back to the hotel..


Reminds me.. That roasting joint is in the fridge waiting for us tomorrow. Is that bad karma? Or just karma? ..

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  1. Less than 4 weeks and I’ll be in dosa heaven!! I have to bring my Dad to this place, it looks frickin amazing!!!!

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