Iyers cafe helped make these parathas.. 

My parathas have been coming out a little hard.. So thanks to the power of Twitter I got ahold of the fantastic chef at iyers cafe in cork City , Ireland .. 

Remember we went there?


And he advised that they needed wrapping up and stacking.. Aha!! 

Nice one! Let’s try it.. 

The mix first.. Potatoes, onions, peas and spices.. 

A dough made from water and flour.. Simple as… 

Rolled out and the mix popped on top.. 


Then take the sides up and kinda pinch them together.. Probably a little more filling than this yet not too much.. 


Because when you roll it out it may split! Which is a shame because the filling is scrummy.. 


Putting just a little more pressure on one side of the roly pin makes it make a circle .. Ahem.. 

Then onto the iron pan.. 


Am spraying with this lurpack spray stuff .. However ghee or oil maybe better.. 

Turn em over and spray again..


Then that clever ‘trick’ of wrapping them in foil.. This keeps them soft and steams em up a little .. ( thanks for the tip! Iyers cafe..✌️👊👐

Very nice..  


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  1. Love this! Sending this post to my Dad right now!!

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  2. Thanks for the tip. Makes sense.

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