Chicken tandoori stylee

i gotta say.. Chicken tandoori or tikka style is my favourite way of eating chicken.. I love the taste .. Simply delightful.. A wonderful invention and thanks to the wonderful ready mixed spice you can get that are excellent it is a joy indeed.. 

I got one spring chicken.. ( baby) and its skinned , chopped and slashed up, and also some boneless legs.. A great idea this middle eastern butcher has.. Selling boned out legs.. Sure they still have some googly bits .. Yet it’s fun to play with your food right? ( and the hounds are happy to get their share of the bits I chop out).  Once chopped it’s into the bowl with powdered garlic, the spice mix, natural yoghurt and Mrs middletons pimped garlic oil.. 


Mixed up and left to marinate for a few hours .. 

Then straight onto the oven bars.. 


Cooked at 180 real money degrees. For about 40 minutes.. 

And you get this! 



And also why not a little veg side? 

Pink onions fried off in Mrs middletons. Pimped garlic oil. And French butter.. Chopped ginger.. And a  half can of tinned potatoes.. Yeah you read that right.. Tinned potatoes .. 


Then adding half a can of sarson ka saag.. Another great store cupboard staple..


And that’s that!

Delicious and cooked in like less than ten minutes.. 

A quick raita of yoghurt , purple Patagonian garlic, lemon juice and Maldon salt.. 


Oh and parathas.. That will be the next post.. 

And of course there are great leftovers to be had 👏😉



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  1. We are growing potatoes at Pops!!

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  2. Tinned potatoes!!! A crime against food:) x

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