Beef top ribs and clotted cream twice baked potatoes 


Just reading that title makes me drool a little..

Starting with these great top ribs that I got run through a band saw for me.. Dusting with Cajun spices..

They are sitting in a rack above some water before being wrapped up in foil and cooking for two an a half hours at 150 real money ..

They come out like this.. 


The little pieces of bones slipped out..


Now I have to admit at this stage they ain’t looking the greatest! 
Yet with a mix of stock cube, Mrs middletons pimped Italian chilli oil.. And a drop of Worcestershire ..


And that rubbed over them with some dark muscavado sugar.. 

And then over the coals.. 


Now your rocking! These will go dark.. Look burnt even.. Yet they ain’t! 

Spuds baked on skewers.. 


And scooped out.. Adding clotted cream.. 

   Just that yellowey lovely bit of the cream..

And restuffed and baked again.. 

( sorry about the disco colours.. We have them in the kitchen.. ).. Seriously! 


With of course a chimichurri..

They got eaten up Good! 


Yeah.. Dig them top ribs.. Have some left for the next meal too..  

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  1. OMG! Clotted cream baked potatoes!!! Sounds awesome!!

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