Breakfast at Balas

With our good friend Serena over from the Emerald Isle for the weekend, we have been having fun..

So a breakfast after a jaunt through the countryside was well in order!

Arriving at the town of Bedford.

With one porpoise in mind..

Breakfast at Balas

Brilliant breakfast at THE best samosa chaat store I have ever had the pleasure of eating at.. Ok it’s an in and out job as I have mentioned before.. Out before the pimps , junkies and dealers begin their new day!

Yet this food is stunning.. It’s the only time we eat chick peas.. It don’t look the greatest yet I have no idea how they make this taste so flipping fantastic!

The flavours just l come together with a whack of heat that clears you sinuses and wakes you right up!

Simple delicious samosas.. With sauces of a mystery .. Chick peas chole style and salad.. It just works.. And works so well!!

And costs pennies!!

Breakfast at Balas.. It has a ring to it.. Maybe a Bollywood movie… Hmmmmm ..





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