Savoury ‘French toast’

Is there actually anything French about his ?

I have never had it amongst all my times in France ??

Yet the soaking of good bread into great eggs with a slight seasoning of French herbs is the bizz-ness.. Trust me .. (My fathers a doctor.. ).. (Ok not actually a medical doctor yet a doctor all the same right?)..


This version is with the best pugliese toasting bread.. Burford buff eggs.. And fantastic smuggled back herbs..


Fried In simple sunflower oil as am out of Mrs Middletons ..

Served with tommy K .. Brilliant!


I remember driving highway one in Cali with my Father.. Stopping off on big sur and ordering French toast .. It was served covered in icing sugar.. ????? WTHF??? I scraped off al the powder and asked for ketchup ..

Needless to say I think my Father was proud and embarrassed all at once .. (He was trying to give up smoking at the time so was probably a little crazy at the time!)..

If you haven’t made this for a while, then you need to.. (Just minus the powdered sugar for me right?)..

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7 replies

  1. Cool idea! I have made savoury bread pudding before, but never thought of savoury French Toast. I should though since I am part French! Thanks for sharing

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  2. My mum used to call it eggy bread and she would douse it in a ton of castor sugar. I should make it indeed 🙂

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  3. Love it! It’s one of the only things i like a bit of salt on!!

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