Wholemeal puffys & sprouts & keema

These puffys are my new best friend.. They are so light and flavoursome.. Mrs Fitz is loving them too!

This outing was a wholemeal affair.. Strong Canadian wholemeal flour.. (A little plain to lighten the load..)..

Yeast , salt, and tree sugar.. Mixed up and left to get it thing on..


Once risen .stretched out.. Folded over and over itself.. Rolled out and then rolled into a white pudding shape.. (Reminds me really must make some soon..).



Once allowed to rise again.. Like a prize fighter! It was rolled out..


The sunflower oil heated in uncle beans wok.

And puffys placed in..


They take no time at all.. Do not get greasy .. Do not take on any of the oil.. seriously wonderful !!


Stacked on ikea brown paper.. Yet really no oil leaches out..

Mama made us some sprout subjee to go with this.. It was cracking! And a keema from our top freezer ..

Chef ping expertly reheated them for us..



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7 replies

  1. “Like a prize fighter”. I like it!

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  2. Gotta try these puffys they look great- presume they’d go with any meal really?

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