The ultimate roast potatoes? Inca bella

So I ‘found’ these new .. Well new to us potatoes in waitrose.. They claim to be the ultimate roast potato.. Big claim.. We like spuds… Peruvian these I think..


They were also on a red ticket.. So that’s cool..

How to make them extra wonderful? Goose fat of course! Although according to the packet regular oil is fine too.. They also say to treat them delicately.. I can see why post cooking..

Peeled cut and boiled till knife point tender..

Added to the hot goose fat..


Into the oven.. they say for 25 minutes.. They needed more..


Yet came out wonderful I must say! Ultimate? Not sure yet darn fine if truth be told.. Darn fine..

To go with? A store bought chicken pie cooked in the oven the same time as the potatoes.. It was nice..

Spring greens chopped and petit pois .. Cooked in salty water with butter.. When cooked down.. Red miso paste added.. Awesome flavour!


A great Valium inducing supper.. All in bed early..


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  1. Best flavoured potatoes EVER!

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  2. Your spuds looks amazing, very crispy and delicious! I use miso paste in mash potatoes and this makes sense! I have never heard of Inca Bella but will keep an eye out and try some if I can find them! Perfect comfort food! 🙂


  3. Oooh MAN !!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE roasted potatoes … I’ve never heard of this variety though … will have to look for them. 🙂 Thx for stopping by Mr. Fitz !! Merry Christmas. 🙂

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  4. Damn good looking roast taters, my friend!


  5. These potatoes look delicious! I love a nice crispy potato.

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  6. i must look out for these potatoes Mr Fitz. I have a couple of jars of goose fat in the fridge that will do just the trick!!

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  7. Yummy potatoes, I roast potatoes in duck fat all the time, goose fat probably about the same. Delicious potatoes and greens..

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  8. The roast potatoes look delicious, Mr. Fritz. I’ve always been a fan of potatoes. 🙂 Happy weekend.

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