Super sausage Saturday !

Saturday turned into an afternoon of making provisions.. Firstly I bagged up all that pheasant for Mr Wentworth and Cora Murley.. Who both incidentally have decided that they are ‘off’ pheasant right now!! So into the freezer went 34 parcels of chopped pheasant ..

Then started on the bangers..

Had been thinking for a while about making some boerewors , (literally translated it means Farmers Sausage,) South African numbers for a while ..

A mix of pork and beef is required normally heavier on the beef.. I have gone for a kilo of each..

Mixed with some spice mix sourced from the wonder web.. A dash of water and a good splodge of balsamic vinegar.. Balsamic in a sausage is a new one on me!! Yet these are pressing a the right buttons!!

Stuffed into hogs casings.. Linked and popped into the magic oven to bloom overnight .

Ok, sausage number two ( thats an unfortunate name hahaha .. ) the Lincolnshire..

I was looking through my sausage box of tricks.. That’s where I stumbled upon the seasoning for Lincolnshire sausage..

Mixed up two kilos of pork, with the seasoning and gluten free rusk, the dash of water of course and stuffed into the hog casings.. These will be the best gluten free sausage in all the land!! I swear to you!!

Last sausage.. Using up the remainder of the Lincolnshire mix.. However this time adding an Italian herb mix and a good whack oh powdered garlic.. I am doing this one as have been asked by a pal from the pub for a herby garlicky sausage.. Let’s see how this one goes. It is certainly herby an garlicky!!

So there we have it.. Super sausage Saturday .. Three ways!!








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  1. Pops loved the sausages. Said he had never tasted any so good. Xxx just shown him the photo of you with them. Xx


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