Shoulder of veal Sunday lunch..

‎Veal is one of those meats that can cause a stir.. for sure the crated kind is really not nice.. and crating anything ain’t good.. not just for the animal yet also for the meat right.. x

Yet Rose veal.. as a direct result of the dairy industry really should be eaten.. and is delicious to boot! And very ethical to have otherwise the poor chaps. Ain’t getting any life.. mind you is that right.. Sheesh! The ‘old’ meat is murder rap.. ok… let’s park that! x

This shoulder of veal was purchased back in April.. and has resided in the deep freeze ever since.. we don’t really have Sunday roast lunch anymore.. yet we decided we should.. so I went for a pot roast.. best for the shoulder.. stuffed and rubbed, thyme, rosemaryn lemon zest an salt an bristol blend pepper.. kinda browned.. some shallots and a head of garlic.. 250ml of Mrs Fitz vino and 100 of water.. low and slow.. house smelling something wicked!

The sauce self thickened yet strained and smushed up the shallots and garlic into it first..

To serve with?

Roast spuds, herbed Yorkshire, peas an sweetcorn.. I tell ya.. am feeling kinda heavy right now! Gonna make a trifle.. x

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