Attorneys Veally good pies!

My attorney ahd a defrost moment in his house freezer, and discovered a wonderful vittelone (veal) cutlet on the bone from a a good while back from a box i sent him as a gift from the blackface  i cannot recommend them enough.. they are stunning.. in fact it’s his turn.. hmmm.. iron age pork and some mutton me-thinks x

So below is his recipe.. and mighty fine it looks too..

Pot roasted the Ayrshire rose veal with beef stock carrot garlic and pyo onions for four hours until meat was falling off the bone.
Picked off the meat and sieved the stock.
Reduced a can of ipa pale ale by about 2 thirds and fried off some button mushrooms.

Added the meat with the stock trying to keep most of the marrow fat away. Mr Fitz I know you frown at this.
Adding tbsp of tomato puree and tbsp balsamic vinegar to pale ale once reduced.

Add mushrooms and let cool before adding mixture to the Jonnie bighham pots. Lovely pies but hopefully not as good as these.

Cut out some puff pastry for the lids thanks to Mrs S for the design. Baste with egg yolk and put in the oven gas mark 6 for 30 mins.

Well I think they look stunning indeed! xphoto 2[9] photo 3[10] photo 4[10] photo

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