Cottage pie

‎It’s rainy here.. like really rainy.. need some comfort food.. something to warm me up and feel nourishing.. it’s still hot though.. so you have a kinda tropical feel about the place.. Mr Wentworth happy with his bone.. I decided to use up the burgers I took out and turn them into cottage pie..

Fried them off after breaking them into clumps.. a deconstructed burger if you wish!! Emptied out the oil.. added lazy onions.. (the ones already fried for ya in a can!).. some good beef stock and a dollop of ketchup.. and the last carrot with a handful of peas..

Already I can feel the huggable effect taking place.. cool x

Ok so this ain’t no Mrs Fitz super special pie.. yet it will be ok.. mashed spuds with butter salt and white pepper..

Into the oven.. smelling good.. it ate very well.. with leftovers for supper x

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