Am on this sausage making.. reckon these could be good.. after a pretty in depth conversation with my butcher (who is also England’s best apprentice butcher she has won an award for that!), I have some new gooey eyed deers..

Harriet kindly let me have some Ham hocks for a very reasonable price indeed! I stripped them of the meat and will make scratchings with the skin and Mr Wentworth was a very happy boy with the bone X

Added the ‘secret’ blend I created.. and left it overnite.. this morning.. stuffed ’em into the hog casings.. I think I have bought too big a diameter.. still all in the world of trying!

Have also included some of the shallots that my pal Wally grew and donated to the cause. Some of these sausages will be going to his son Jimi.. hope he likes ’em! (they are his grapes & beans also)

So sausages stuffed.. in the magic oven to do their thang.

Right.. shower time! X

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