Duck supper.. duck soup part two?

Great movie Duck soup.. you remember the one? The one with the Marx boys.. my Pappy loved that.. it is a great movie to be fair! Gotta love those guys.. frickin classics x

So after my great lunch today of great noodle duck and char sui pork.. would be wrong to deter from the programme huh? .. so..

My home cured bacon.. some of the spuds left over from Mrs Fitz lunch.. spring onion garlic and three duck eggs.. which came first? The duck egg or the duck? Well.. can’t answer that one.. yet tonite? The duck came outta the fridge and went in the oven first.. x

Went for a ranch salad also.. of carrots, tomoato. Lettuce and tops of the spring onions.. Mrs Fitz prefers the salad and ‘tortilla’ I prefer the meat.. and a small piece of the ‘omelette’.. either way is all good. X

A good clean kinda simple summer supper.. cool

Oh and opened a new sack of lily’s for Mr Wentworth.. chicken an veg.. he went a wee bit crazookers for it!

Nite nite x

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