Sausages.. sausages.. sausages..

‎Mate this sausage making malarky is getting outta control!! Well nah its still great to know what’s going in the banger.. which is exactly why I made some for one of Mrs Fitz work pals..

Charlotte needed some without any form of grain or flour.. so straight away I offered assistance.. gone for a 99.9 ‎ percent porker.. with the rest being made up of herbs and hog casings also.. hope she likes ’em.. I tasted some of the mix fried into a little patty and it was pretty fine to me! X

Next up in planet sausage world.. old Dubliner.. a particularly good sausage this one.. more recognisable as a good butchers sausage, with the addition of pin-head rusk‎.. and of course Mr Fitz secret blend of ‘irish’ herbs and spices.. again into hog casings.. these are being sent over to Eire tonite with Mrs Fitz for my out-laws..

(these must be good and Mr Wentworth became obsessed with the fridge and when Mrs Fitz opened the fridge after returning from work there was the classic.. dog-tries-running-off-with- sausages-ona-string-like-the-comicbooks-and-cartoons moment..!!‎.. you can see where he grabbed a sausage..)

And lastly.. well a treat for a soon to be home-alone for a few days Mr Fitz.. a spicy lamb Merguez.. have raised the fat content after conversations with my attorney.. these are looking super indeed.. loads of harissa, paprika, cumin, fennel, coriander, lebanese spices and salts… the fridge smells amazing.. like a magical carpet ride awaiting amazing.. will for sure keep you posted on how these work out.. will be going ‘old-skool’. on them.. gonna get the best quality baguette I can find.. dig up some spuds for the freshest fries.. grill the merguez over some fire.. and build that wonder Merguez sandwich.. kick back with a lemon-mint juice.. and enjoy what they say is going to be a long hot weekend..‎ x

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