Pulled pork hand

Do piggies have hands.

Yup yes indeedy and it’s a great cut of meat for pulled pork and also your butcher should charge you hardly any money for it.. Well some money yet not pork prices!!

So got this beautiful bit if meat from Dave for butcher.. Normally I would pop it into the Le cresuet in the oven low and slow so the crackling goes crackly and the meat is sumptuous and soft and a wee bit sticky.

Yet this time after reading some brilliant posts on crockpot pulled pork I decided that it was best foot forward..

Hoiked the slow cooker down from the cooker hood where it lives. Dusted it off a bit..

Many of the posts talked about onions and other things . I have gone for red onions a Romano pepper and a head of roscoff garlic, some thyme and rosemary, a splash of pork stock and plonked the meat on top ., turned on high setting

Seven hours later…..

Kitchen smelling yummy .. Pork done.. Lots if juices in the pot.. Thought about straining them. Didn’t bother this time around.. The only problem with the crockpot method is you don’t get the crispy crackling.. Humph!!

That’s my favourite bit!

Mrs Fitz kindly pulled the pork into shreds using two forks .. Maybe one day I will buy one if those bear paw things, they look cool right?!

Now for saucing.. Going through huge cupboards is always an interesting thing. Amazing how soon things go outta date. Ummm well you could look at that another way around. Amazing how you forget you have something in the cupboards..

Some of this stuff was over a year outta date. Sure I always stretch the dates anyways.. Yet Mrs Fitz was watching… X

Found a unknown sauce . Gone for it.. It’s a little salty so a good splash if cider vinegar was called for . ( let’s not even mention the date on that.. Ahem)

To serve with?

Crinkle cut Cyprus fries.. Brilliant!!

Simply cut and fried in sunflower o in the trusty uncle bens wok. That wok is over thirteen years old, and came free with two jars of sauce!! Many pans have been and gone yet that has stayed true..

Pork into thin toasted bread. The bread is only there to hold the pork!!

And supper was complete ..







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