Scotch eggs.. Duck egg!

You gotta love scotch eggs.. Well actually I think they are a love or hate kinda affair!! I like them .. And good ones are hard to find. So why not make them??

Far easier than you may think..

I simply took some of my Mr Fitz ‘old dubliner’ seasoned sausagemeat.. A good one that one!!

Patted thin.. Add the duck eggs that were placed into a rolling boil of water for six minutes.. Then cooled .. In running cold water..

Shelled and placed into the sausage mix.. Carefully caressed into globes with the meat covering all the egg.. And rolled into store bought breadcrumbs for that classic crunchy coating…

Shallow fried to keep shape . Then to an oven for twenty five minutes.. Turning every now and then.. Taking care to do so… I re-rolled them in the crumbs once more.. Looking tasty!

And loooky look look .. !!! Perfectly cooked egg and delicious soft giving meat… With the crunch of those great crumbs!!

Sure you can use different meats … Black pudding bacon etc… Yet these don’t need it in my book!!

Great lunch!!!






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2 replies

  1. Lovely looking scotchy eggyness!


  2. Hi Mr. Fitz

    Strangely enough, being a Scot, I have never really liked Scotch Eggs (maybe that’s because there ain’t no Scotch in it). However you have given me an idea. Why don’t we coat the egg in Haggis?

    I do have some haggis left in the freezer from some time ago so maybe I will try that and let you know how it turns out.



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