Sometimes all you want is a simple lunch..

I felt the need for simple food today..

Something easy.. Freezer food.. I reckons..

Went for fish fingers … Umm seven of the buggers! Old school potato waffles.. And spaghetti rings Heinz of course!!

Sure I could have made them from scratch.. All of it to be fair!!

Yet straight outta the freezer into the oven .. Easy peasy..

Served with sauces and a glass if orange squash.. Now that’s comfort eating for sure huh?

And I must say I enjoyed it very much..

The extra food? Umm was gonna be for Mrs Fitz’s lunch.. Salmon fish fingers though for her.. I forgot though that she was going out for lunch .. Oops.. Well Mr Wentworth & Cora Murley were kinda happy with it.. In fact I reckon they enjoyed it as much as me..

Have some boned out pork hocks in the oven.. Six hours for them.. So supper is gonna be sweet… Cool!





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5 replies

  1. My kids often turn their noses up at my cooking, but they love it when I just serve something like this


  2. Yes, definitely comfort eating! Gotta love when food just hits the spot. 🙂


  3. I like the simplicity but not the fish fingers! The thing that really impresses me are the pork hocks!!! They would be lovely in a brawn with pork trotters don’t you think??? X


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