Slow roasted pork hocks

Had these great pork hocks from Butcher Dave.. They were starting to get a little ‘sticky’ so better get ate !

Decided to bone them which is a little tricky yet satisfying when done…

So kinda butterflied and the meat slashed , seasoned with the following:

Onion powder, garlic granules, Italian mixed herbs, pomegranate powder, umami rush , and probably some more stuff too..

Anyhoo.. All dusted on and then tied up badly with string.. Had to borrow the string from me ol’ pal Jack.

Swapped some trotters for the string so that’s fair I reckons ..

Now to cook them.. Gone for 130 in the main oven, for SEVEN hours.. Yup 7 (Kenny dalgliesh’s number when he played kickball in the 70’s) ..

Was a wee bit nervous about it .. Yet should not have worried at all.. It was beautiful.. All crackly and inside all softy and porky ..

To serve with? Dunno the real name yet this is Mr Fitz take on French peas, chopped shallots, Roscoff garlic, gem lettuce halved , stock butter and a can of petit pois.. I love this dish.. It’s seriously very good.. I really don’t know why . ?!?!

The pork had a final flourish by flambé with calvados.. Then roughly hacked and snaffled by me and my pal Ben..

Freakin delicious people!! Freakin delicious!!

This was a tremendous supper.. Drunk with a very nice bottle of Gavi.. A great meal.. Just great..

And dessert? Frozen grapes, more calvados, and good company .. Frozen grapes just work , again don’t know why .. Try them . Make sure they are seedless!!










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  2. Watch out! Your wall is on fire, Mr Fitz! 🙂


  3. Looks delicious! Such skill with the flambé – and that last photo looks exactly like every meal in my home, Lol!


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