Steak pie … Perfect!!

Funny day today …

Well not in that goodfellas kinda funny .. You’ll know the scene .. No?

Easy then thats why the gods (fitting in everyone here) .. Gave us google right?

Anyways .. Onto supper and a great pie..

I bought some ridiculously reduced shin if beef and some of THE most tincee wincee oxtail possible from the store that on .. Sure is not in the right district yet is still the best store around… Ok .. I finished now!!

So .. Pressure cooker it is then. With chantery carrots, celery , red onions, roscoff garlic , red wine, porcini paste.. and some bay leaves as the back notes…

Twenty minutes is all ..

Fricking amazing that cooker .. Brilliant!!

So all under pressure like the vanilla ice song.., ummm actually not like that at all!!

Anyways cooked and left outside covered in foil . We have around four degrees right now do is cool enough .. And cool

The pastry ? Store bought short crust.. Feck it. .. Why not? it was reduced as well.. Oh! So were the veggies by the way!!

Rolled out.. Lined into the tin .. Buttered of course ..

And the filling? just scooped out the bones and ox taily bits .. Perhaps .. ahem…

Into the pastry .. No blind baking here ala Delia ..

Into oven.. 200 for like hmmm mebbe an hour mebbe not.. Dunno.. anyway in the oven till golden and looking good anyways ..

Of course egg washed .. and dressed with a pastry heart

And to go with?? Went samurai with a knife and caught some foraging food ..

Some kinda oniony sprouting tops.. Tasted delicious !!

And some new spuds,, expertly peeled by mrs Fitz.. Now.. Check out the date 0f sale on these .. Not only heavily reduced yet also a long time storage . and blinking perfect. !!

Simply boiled .. But err and oil.. Maldon salt .. Fresh parsley and then oniony tops.. Mystery veg !!!

And for desert ??

A reminder of father Fitz.. Mint aero ..










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  1. Lovely! I made dinner with shin beef yesterday. No pressure cooker for me though, a 3 hour wait!


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