No bean chilli and iberico pork fat breads

No bean chilli?


It’s pretty easy really.. We are out if beans.. So that means a meatier number instead.. Ho-Humm…

Now I am not going to get into fantastic details nor talk about the myriad of what should shouldn’t go into chilli’s and all that.. This is a very easy chilli just right for the super we have planned.. A very easy supper!

A real one pot wonder.. fry the chopped onions.. let them go a little yet don’t worry about full on caramelisation and all that.. Add the minced beef .. Let that just get cozy with the onions.. Add a carton of Italian crushed tomatoes.. The chilli spices.. And a gottle of geer.. A good one bought from the farmers market.. and some black bacon lardons from the freezer

Mix together and put into the oven at 140( real money ) for at least an hour and a half.. The residual heat from the Le creseut will look after it then for a further couple of hours..

The flat bread mix was easy as you like! Although I did blister my finger whilst taking the melted iberico pork fat out of chef ping.. Iberico pork fat?


This bread was delicious!

Simple mix.. Two cups of plain flour (all purpose).. A teaspoon of baking powder.. A half teaspoon of Himalayan rock salt.. Two thirds of a cup of water.. A quarter cup of iberico pork fat.. I didn’t have quite enough so topped with unfiltered olive oil ..

All mixed into a stick dough.. Kneaded just a bit and cut into balls.. Left to rest..

Giving you enough time to go to the pub.. Return.. Get in the hot tub.. Get out and dry and sit to eat.. Perfect!!!

Served with salsa, out of a jar yet really very good.. sliced tomatoes, sour cream.. Forgot to take the jalapeños out if the fridge!

The breads simply rolled out thin and cooked for thirty seconds each side..

Kept warm in a tea towel..

Slightly messy.. Yet absolutely delicious!

Those breads were the highlight!! You have to try them out, even if it’s just the ones using olive oil.. Brilliant! 20140721-073449-27289596.jpg20140721-073450-27290731.jpg







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7 replies

  1. The bread does sound perfect with the chilli. I don’t really understand all those chilli rules either – if it’s good, it’s good.


  2. Oh yum, Mr. Fitz! I have never tried a chill without beans, but your recipe sounds amazing! Just love the sound of the bread too. Thanks so much for yet another tasty dish for FF! You rock! 🙂


  3. Simple is best IMHO, love a good chili and one that isn’t a major production is good in my books. Gottle of geer! I have to make your flatbread.



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