Baked potatoes with leftover chilli

Baked potatoes .. when you just need something that’s gonna work without much work..

Who cannot love the baked potato?

Not the anaemic chef ping alone jobbies.. That’s just nasty..

A baked potato needs to have an element of bakedness to it.. That crispy crunchy skin that has been rubbed with oil and seasoned (this time with mediterranean flower salt)..

And spent a bit of time in the oven..

If like us you have an oven that can get three sources if heat on at once all the better.. Yet often if you have the time to spare the long time cooking in the oven means that not only does the kitchen fill up with wonderful cooking smells you also get special treat leftovers if you cook a bunch! Think the following day .. Fried potato for breakfast.. Crispy wedges for lunch or supper?? Freaking superb !!!

Did I make more? Ummm no. .. Pants!

These were lovely though.. Crisp on the outside and softy soft in the middle.. I think that has something to do with the skewering .. Anointed with very nice French sea salt butter, the leftover no bean chilli, sour cream with chives.. and a store bought salad dressed in French ..

These were only cooked once.. I am a huge fan of the double bake yet tonite was all about speed and simplicity ..

This really is one of those suppers that just works.. it’s simple yet immensely satisfying .. I would of had this without the chilli.. Yet the chilli needed eating. As did the sour cream.. so instead of throwing away those items they got ate..

And very much enjoyed.. 20140722-082938-30578257.jpg




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6 replies

  1. This looks really fun and decadent, and would be perfect for a football game, or any day of the year. In England, they’re called jackets – baked potatoes with fillings. But gross fillings like shrimp in Marie Rose sauce, which is like thousand island dressing. Whatever the filling, there’s more mayonnaise than whatever the filling is. Ugh.


  2. Yum I love chilli and it’s on my lisr


  3. Eff yes. I still have left over chilli in the freezer…


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