Rasta kebabs ? Lebanesey flat bread

Why call these Rasta kebabs?

Well I was going to call the Rasta-bation kebabs yet though that was a bit rude sounding.. All though they have been ‘basted’.. ?

Rasta just due to the red yellow (gold) and green peppers..

I picked these kebabs up from my pal Jeff.. He was on his stall at the farmers market and was not a happy bunny.. So I got a great deal on them.. Like a really great deal!!

They came in their birthday suits so I got them dressed . Firstly chopping off some of the ends of the sticks..

The beef got dressed in a Harissa paste that I bought from the same market. Not very punchy at all! So loosened with a little pimped chilli oil and some Berber spice blend for Barts..

The pork in Barts Cajun spice blend with oil.. Perfect!

And the chicken with Barts creole blend..

All left to meld together since Sunday..

Grilled on coals of course ! Hmmm realised just quite how many we own..

Never mind am already thinking of pies and pasties.. Beef with peppers and mushrooms in a veal jus? Wrapped in short crust? Yeah!!

To go with these..

It has to be the flatbread .. That recipe and bread rocks! Used Lebanese pimped oil this time.. Very cool.. Have decided through the help of Mrs Fitz that making them just a little thicker makes them all the softer and lovelier ..

A delicious salad of shallot tomatoes peas shoots and watercress.. Dressed in French..

Great grilling!















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